Bicycle mirror for road handlebars

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Finally a discreet bicycle mirror that does not hurt the eyes. Small and light, it does not affect aerodynamics or weight unlike large mirrors on support.

The mirror is easy to install. Just install it at the end of your race hanger in place of your stopper.

This rearview mirror offers more safety because you can see what is coming behind you without looking back and thus remain more stable. In bikepacking during long outings, this gain in comfort is significant, especially when traveling on busy roads. 


  • 360 ° rotation
  • Resealable
  • Small and light
  • Installation: at the end of the hanger at the location of the plugs.


The bicycle mirror is not an essential accessory in bikepacking. Nevertheless, it will reassure you when passing on busy roads. As you know not all motorists are sensitive to the safety of cyclists. The best way to be cured is to prevent. The rear-view mirror is a great way to anticipate the arrival of cars without turning around so you can drive more calmly.

Attention, please adjust the mirror correctly for an optimal angle in relation to your sitting position. This way you can look in the rearview mirror without trying to find your angle.

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