Large capacity frame bag

Triangle XL
Trapèze XL 100% Waterproof

A large capacity triangular frame bag for a different configuration. This bag is perfect for optimized bikepacking. In it you can store food, water, tools and equipment of all kinds.

The big advantages of this bag are the aerodynamics that it provides, since it remains in alignment with the frame and the position of the center of gravity which is lowered and placed in the center which increases the stability of the bike.

Technical description

  • Material: nylon fiber
  • Black color
  • Volume: 8 L
  • Waterproof: Water resistant
  • Hanging system: Velcros
  • Dimension: 40 * 45 * 6cm

Bikepacking Fashion advice

The large-capacity frame bag is a bag that provides a definite advantage during sporty bikepacking outings if it is fitted out with care.

With this bag you will no longer be able to use your bottle cages. Don't panic, Bikepacking Mode advises you to slip a hydration pocket inside. You can then attach the wire to the frame up to the handlebars to keep you hydrated at all times in the saddle. You lose 1 L because of the loss of the cans but you gain 3 thanks to a pocket of water.

In this bag you can also put camping equipment, cables, small clothes, your repair equipment, ...

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