Bike frame bag - Bikepacking


The bicycle frame bag is essential in bikepacking. It allows you to travel or make a simple outing by bike. Go faster, further thanks to its transport capacity and its aerodynamic position. It is the ideal way to go and discover areas that you would not see on a normal walk.

This satchel frame has been designed for bikepacking to be light, leaving a large container in your frame. This bag in this location has the advantage of not having too much impact on your aerodynamics since it is in the frame behind your head tube.

Technical description

  • Material: Polyester
  • Volume: 39x40x17 cm
  • Assembly: 3-point attachment on the frame
  • Hanging system: Velcros
  • Water resistant: Yes

Bikepacking Fashion advice

The frame bag despite appearances is probably the most useful bikepacking bag. It can serve you while traveling, but not only. Even during a short walk, you can take it with you to put food, gels, inner tube, repair kit.

Warning ! When you install this bag on your frame, please have the sticky paper first at the fixing locations. So as to avoid the friction directly between the fasteners and the painting of your frame. Without prior protection your paint could be damaged.

Stay under your frame behind the steering tube, the bag is very space-saving. Its side zipper allows you to access it very easily while driving. (Provided that the interior is well fitted out by you bikepackers ...) 


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