5L waterproof bike fork bag - Black


This 5-liter waterproof bicycle bag is ideal for self-guided cycle touring trips or light off-road bikepacking. If you have to camp, you can put all the necessary equipment there.

If you go to the mountains you can put on clothes and provide additional layers of clothing thanks to this additional space.

Technical description

  • Volume: 5 L
  • Weight: 40g
  • 100% waterproof
  • Black color
  • Material: pvc 

* Transport cage not included.

Bikepacking Fashion Tips

This bag can be placed on the handlebar attachment or on the fork supports. In this bag we put equipment that we do not need during the day such as a stove, a tent, camping equipment, clothes ... This bag can also be used for other outdoor activities.

This bikepacking bag is more for touring than sport. With 2 bags on the fork of this type you gain 10 L of transport volume.

Take advantage of the position of the fork bag to put small objects in it but dense in weight because they will be low and therefore lower your center of gravity.

Be careful not to overload it because not all bicycle forks support the same load. If you put too much weight on the fork, you will also lose handling. So stay reasonable. 

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