Camelback 3L - Black


Camelback is often overlooked in gravel and bikepacking. Yet it saves precious minutes because it allows you to refuel less often. Despite its weight, it can ultimately prove to be more economical in terms of time during a timed race.

Unlike cans, camelback is not at risk of falling off during heavy shaking.

The use of the hydration pack is perfect for off-road gravel bikes.

Technical description

  • Material: Oxford fabric, nylon, high intensity and durable.
  • Transport volume: 3 liters
  • Hanging system:
  • Waterproof: Yes

Bikepacking Fashion advice

Camelback is a very useful tool in a lot of bikepacking setups. It allows you to put bigger bags on your bike because you no longer need cans.

Be careful not to add juice or other sugary drinks. Use only water otherwise you risk damaging the waterproof bag.

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