Camelback 3L - Camo multicam


This multicam camelback is designed to do it all. If mountain biking or cycling adventure holds no secrets for you, a camelback will allow you to go further without refueling.

In bikepacking the camelback allows you to put a large triangle bag in your frame because you no longer need cans. In the case of a trip where you need space, it is the ideal companion.

Technical description

  • Material: Oxford fabric, nylon, high intensity and durable.
  • Transport volume: 3 liters
  • Waterproof: Yes

Bikepacking Fashion advice

Camelback is a very useful tool in a lot of bikepacking setups. It allows you to put bigger bags on your bike because you no longer need cans.

Be careful not to add juice or other sugary drinks. Use only water otherwise you risk damaging the waterproof bag.

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