Gravel cycling shorts - Men

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This shorts in spandex antiperspirant is perfect for short and long bike rides. It is designed to hang your body shape in your saddle for optimal comfort. You can ride for several hours in your saddle before you no longer feel your bottom. 

These shorts are very simple in terms of design, which makes it easy to match your outfit and your bike.

Technical description

  • Material: Strecht and Spandex
  • Color : Black
  • Antiperspirant fabric
  • Hanging system: elastic straps

Bikepacking Fashion advice

These shorts are perfect for beginners and seasoned cyclists, its strength lies in its simplicity and comfort.

You can wear it with a lot of cycling jerseys different thanks to its simple colors. It will never stain your bike.

Attention, it is better to wash the shorts cold at 30 °. The ideal is to wash it by hand in hot water to keep it for years.

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