3L hydration pocket for camelback

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The hydration pocket allows you to carry a large volume of water while placing it wherever you want in your bikepacking bags. No more bulky cans, roll up and save space with a full frame bag.


In bikepacking, the camel back allows you to put a large triangle bag in your frame because you no longer need cans. In the case of a trip where you need space, it is the ideal companion.

Technical description

  • Material: TPU
  • Capacity: 3 liters
  • Waterproof: Yes

Bikepacking Fashion advice

Camelback is a very useful tool in many bikepacking setups. If you wear it with a backpack, it allows you to put bigger bags on your bike because you no longer need water bottles.

You can also slip the hydration bag into your frame bag if you don't want a backpack.

Be careful not to put juice or other drink than water as this will damage the waterproof bag. In addition there would be health risks because it is difficult to clean the straw.

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