Rear bicycle rack

A luggage rack light and easy to assemble thanks to its removable arms and the simplified screw system.

This luggage rack is designed for travelers and velotafeurs, so that the week he accompanies you with your saddlebags and that on weekends it can be easily dismantled to go on a sporting ride with your lightest possible gravel bike!


  • Material: aluminum
  • Assembly: screws on the frame eyelet
  • Color :  Black
  • Maximum load: 25 kg
  • Note: Suitable for bikes with 24 to 28 'wheels.


It is advisable to keep the screws in a small bag in a place easy to find in your garage to avoid losing the screws and thus be able to dismantle and reassemble your luggage rack without looking for the screws for hours.
Please do not exceed the maximum load of 25kg, please also not to walk your wife or child on it, yes it's fun but you risk damaging the luggage rack and your bike !
When you load your saddlebags, please put heavy and compact objects in the bottom of the saddlebags in order to lower the center of gravity and cause less stress on the luggage rack but also have a more stable bike.
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