Top tube bicycle frame bag

This little frame bag completes a configuration bikepacking. In it you put everything that needs to be quickly accessible. Waterproof, your papers and the like will not risk getting wet. A second better pocket.

This little bag is called "top tube bag"in English because it is fixed on the top of the tube. With this location it is better to have a frame bar not too steep. 

Technical description

  • Material: Nylon and waterproof TPU
  • Volume: M: 23.5 * 6.5 * 10.5cm 
  • Assembly: Attachment 2 points on the frame and 1 on the stem
  • Hanging system: Velcros
  • Waterproof: Yes, water resistant

Bikepacking Fashion advice

The frame bag is a very useful tool when traveling. When traveling it is important to have quick access to food, phone, papers. This bag fully fulfills these 3 functions.

Attention please have the sticky paper at the different fixing places on the frame so as to avoid damaging the paint of your bike.

If you do not have spacers between your stem and your steering, please put some to be able to place the saddlebag.


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