Bicycle bags

Noir et jaune

This bicycle bag raincoat is perfect for trip where the velotaf. A large capacity and a shape allowing to transport all types of objects.The clip-on system on the rail of the luggage rack guarantees good support to avoid sloshing. There is also a safety stop to tighten on the bottom of the bag to prevent movement from left to right.

If you are going on a trip prefer a bike in steel with luggage rack for reasons of transport but also of reliability.

Designed for the worst weather conditions, it will keep your clothes dry. You just have to close it well by expelling the air and then tightening it well at the closure.


  • Set of 2 bags
  • Material: pvc raincoat high quality
  • Volume: 25 liters per bag max
  • Dimensions: 45x29x15 cm
  • Weight: 1000g
  • Mounting: on rear luggage rack
  • Hanging system: Clip
  • Water resistant: Yes


In this bag it is advisable to put your tent, sleeping bag, pots, camping utensils, ...

Put anything heavy in the bottom of the satchel for more stability. The rear bag is not the easiest to access, only put items that you used in the evening when bivouacking.

For the velotaf, put on your clothes for work, your files, your computer. Be careful to wedge your sheets between 2 books or 2 hard flat surfaces.

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